New plant extracts for lightening
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Active Ingredients for Skin Lightening and Hyperpigmentation Market – Part 5

Editorial by Vispi Kanga

Glabridin, the main compound in
the hydrophobic fraction of licorice extract is known for its beneficial effects
on the skin due to its skin whitening and anti-inflammatory properties. The skin
lightening property is due to it’s ability to inhibit melanogenesis. It is available
as a lipophillic extract obtained from the roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. (syn.
Liquiritae officinalis Moench., Fam. Fabaceae). Licorice, the most popular and
widely consumed herbs in the world is used Ayurveda to relieve ‘vata’ and ‘kapha’
inflammations, eye diseases, throat infections, peptic ulcers, arthritic conditions.
The primary pharmacologic activities are anti-tyrosinase activity and inhibition
of lipoperoxides. It also has antimicrobial and SOD-like activity. The flavonoids
in licorice are mainly responsible for its yellow coloring; however, these flavonoids
are potent antioxidants.

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