I love the ‘it’s natural so it must be safe’ argument here. We’ve seen a lot of natural products that have an SPF, but what’s the number? I doubt you’ll be formulating an SPF 30 moisturizer with this stuff….
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Milkweed may hold natural sunscreen potential

By Katie Bird, 09-Feb-2009

The oil of the milkweed seed may help protect the skin against UV rays, according to scientists with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Investigations into the commercial applications of Asclepias syriaca, native to much of North America, have always focused on the potential of the plant’s silky floss as stuffing, but now Rogers E. Harry-O-Kuru believes it might find its place in the cosmetics industry.

According to Harry-O-Kuru, the oil found in the seed of the plant may protect against UV rays as well as having good moisturizing qualities.

Using a process that has been patented by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, Harry-O-Kuru modified the seed oil to a form that protects against UV radiation.
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