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Global toothpaste manufacturer taps into nanotechnology
By Simon Pitman, 28-Jan-2009

Toothpaste manufacturer 3M ESPE has incorporated Indiana Nanotech’s calcium phosphate technology into its latest toothpaste launch.

Clinpro TM 5000 specialty toothpaste is said to incorporate decay-combatting calcium and fluoride into the formula – a combination that is traditionally administered as separate treatments because the two substances inhibit one another.

“Furthering the benefits of fluoride by combining fluoride-combatable calcium in a widely accepted and familiar format like a toothpaste may provide significant benefits to high-risk caries patients,”

The technology utilizes FDA-approved food additives, which the company says ‘are meshed together through a high-impact, high-energy solid-state synthetic process to form functionalized composite materials’.

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