Lots of talk about dietary resveratrol and there are certainly some ingredients available for skin care product formulation but there are some challenges to its topical use, which is outside the scope of this article.
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Resveratrol: A Real Anti-aging Product
Many definitions are applied to and much controversy surrounds the discussion about aging, yet its true nature is still uncertain.
One group of scientists working to understand aging mechanisms and age intervention discovered that a certain chemical, when taken orally, could provide similar benefits as offered by dietary restriction.1, 2 Essentially, three groups of mice were studied for the effects of dietary restriction. One group was allowed unlimited food known as “ad lib;” a second group was given an ad lib diet plus a natural chemical from red wine; and a third group was put on a caloric-restriction diet. The results showed that the caloric-restriction group and the ad lib group with the natural chemical from red wine lived the same length of time and enjoyed a similar health benefit. The ad lib group all died early. The natural chemical from red wine used in this study was resveratrol, which is the topic of this article.
Peter T. Pugliese, MD
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