A couple conspicuous absences on the list, though I imagine these companies are focused on their HI&I offerings over personal care.
clipped from pubs.acs.org
Ever Greener Cleaners

Industry coalition aims to improve the environmental profile of cleaning and personal care products

Cleaning and personal care products might become greener thanks to a new partnership between industry and the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute (GCI).
The manufacturers of household and industrial cleaning products, cosmetics, and related consumer items and GCI have founded the Formulated Products Roundtable. The aim of this industry-financed effort is for competing formulator companies to share their knowledge and experience in green chemistry and engineering to create products that are safer to make and use, environmentally friendlier, and promote sustainability.
The initiative is modeled after GCI’s Pharmaceutical Roundtable, created in 2005, which is working to resolve common drug discovery and process chemistry challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stephen K. Ritter

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